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Diversity Seminar


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Effective communication in a diverse workplace:

Diversity has been a topic of discussion for some time but recently has become more important due to the political climate and the healthcare crisis. 

The current situation has caused a lot of discussion in the workplace of sensitive and volatile issues such as social injustice, #Me Too, Black Lives Matter, etc.

Due to changes in the workforce, diversity has become a critical competitive issue for organizations and has a bottom line impact on the success of any organization.

Federal laws regulate discrimination in the workplace and violating them can incur risk for a company. Almost all companies have workplace policies to adhere to and expect their employees to behave appropriately.

This seminar will cover the following topics and give tips on how to handle sensitive discussions in the workplace.

  • Define and understand diversity and its benefits
  • Deal with discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes
  • Explore societal influences, unconscious bias
  • How to avoid harassment and workplace bullying
  • Handle sensitive workplace issues
  • Manage workplace aggression and complaints
  • Incorporate personal rules of conduct

Instructor: TBD