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05/13/24 Veterinary Technician National Exam Review Course

Ends Jun 24, 2024

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Full course description


Plant City Campus

1206 N. Park Rd.

Plant City, FL 33563 Map

Room:  PMPF 138 

Days: Monday and Tuesday

Dates:  05/13/24 - 06/24/24 (No class 05/27/24)

Time:  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Instructor:  Anthony Spatola, CVT


Purchase Required:  Textbook and Materials

Prendergast, Heather

Review Questions and Answers for Veterinary Technicians, 5th Edition or 6th Edition


Tighe, Monica M; Brown, Marg  

Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians 5th Ed.


Course Description: 

This course is designed to help veterinary technicians and veterinary technician students review the basics of veterinary technology. The purpose of this course is to prepare the individual for participation in state and national board testing. Successful completion of an AVMA accredited veterinary technology program, and passing scores on both the state and national board exams will provide graduates with the formal title of Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT).

  • Real-time sessions will include discussion of systems to help improve the thinking process and use of methods to study and remember information.
  • Handouts may include study lists; questions and answers; and/or materials to help direct the student to better identify what aspects of veterinary technology he/she needs to concentrate on for each topic.
  • Message boards will be open for studying guidance and should be used often to discuss homework, questions, and ideas for studying/remembering issues.
  • Weekly homework quizzes will be used to cover both handout topics and real time session topics and will enable the student to become more familiar with reading and answering the various styles of questions seen on the VTNE or state board exam.
  • Due to the large amount of topics covered in this course, weekly study guides will not always cover what will be covered in the real time session or vice versa. Edited transcripts of the real time sessions will provide materials for focus on real time topics and should be treated as additional handouts, in addition to information found in the course area message boards.

Upon completion of this course, attendees:

  • Should be able to easily recall the basics of veterinary technology (those subjects taught in a typical 2-year veterinary technology program).
  • Should be able to correctly answer multiple-choice questions similar to those given on the VTNE or any state board exam.
  • Should be able to locate, examine, and interpret information and successfully utilize various study methods.
  • Will have built a network of colleagues through interaction with other course participants for sharing ideas and resources.
  • Will have been exposed to a minimum of 500 questions that review the various aspects of veterinary technology.

Instructional Methods (including examination policies):  The texts and in-class discussion, demonstration and practice of essential skills will be the primary information sources for this class.  Supplementary information may be obtained from professional journals, magazines and other relevant sources.  Students may bring cases to class for discussion and participation in collaborative and cooperative learning activities. Supplemental questions may be posted to Canvas for study materials.

Kahoot Practice QuizzesThere will be a 25-minute quiz at the beginning of each lecture class to ensure that the student is on time and understands the material that was discussed in the previous lecture class. Make-up quizzes will only be issued if documentation of a true emergency is provided and notification to the instructor prior to the quiz starting was given.  Notification can be by means of HCC email but not hearsay from another student to instructor.

Practice Tests:  There will be lecture period exams and students must remain in class until the period is over.  Make-up exams will only be issued if documentation of a true emergency is provided and notification to the instructor prior to the test starting was given.  Notification can be by means of HCC email but not hearsay from another student to instructor.  The test may have a practical component.  The final exam is cumulative.

Grading System:

Tests:  Tests will be worth 100 points each*

Students are responsible for keeping track of their grades and should bring discrepancies to the instructor’s attention immediately. 

  • This is not a credit course and grade does not have any effect on your GPA.
  • Completion of this course will award a certificate of completion to all participants.