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Conducting Effective Presentations & Meetings Workshop is a Course

Conducting Effective Presentations & Meetings Workshop


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Full course description

Description:  Almost every job or position in business requires individuals to conduct presentations and meetings from time to time. But when you are asked to present your ideas, your business or even YOU, are you making the impression you want? Does your presentation deliver results?

This session will help improve participant’s leadership qualities and influencing abilities as well as their growth potential.  This session will give the participants several opportunities to present in front of their peers, receiving feedback from the group on what they did well and where they could improve. They will also conduct one 20 minute presentation which will be videotaped. Each individual will leave the program with a flash drive of their presentation and both written and verbal feedback from the group.

This course is a two-day, working lunch workshop consisting of 8 hours each day.  Please bring your lunch.

At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Deliver presentations with ease and minimize their nervousness in presenting
  • Present an organized and focused message
  • Capture and maintain their audiences attention
  • Project a strong, confident presence with their voice, eye contact & body language
  • Make any presentation interesting & interactive
  • Use visual aids effectively (and when appropriate)
  • Hold effective & productive meetings
  • Develop a structure, meaningful “meeting” agenda
  • Keep their meetings on track and focused
  • Understand their role as the leader of the meeting

Instructor:  TBD