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07/10/21 Beginner Golf Clinics is a Course

07/10/21 Beginner Golf Clinics

Ends Aug 7, 2021

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TopGolf Tampa
10690 Palm River Road
Tampa, FL  33619

Day: Saturday

Dates: 07/10/21 - 08/07/21 (5 Weeks) 

Time:  9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Professional Golf Instruction 1 hour 30 minutes

Self Practice 30 minutes


To provide beginner golf programs that integrate the use of state-of-the-art golf simulation technology, to teach the basic fundamentals of golf. This course will use games and a blended learning approach of the traditional instructor-led training and indoor golf simulation technology. This course will concentrate on basic golf skills instruction and provides background information on the game's rules, etiquette, and values. Golf clubs are provided or bring your own.  

This course is brought to you by Women of Color Golf in partnership with The Institute for Corporate & Continuing Education at Hillsborough Community College

Take a swing at it!!!

Note:  First day of class...Please come dressed in shorts and a polo-type shirt, wearing rubber soled shoes, for this outdoor sport.  Enter the TopGolf building from the right side, downstairs; this where the employees enter the building. This entrance has billiard tables, this is where everyone will gather first. A workbook is highly recommended, you can bring your own or one can be purchased for $25 via cash or check (ask your instructor).

Your instructor's name is Lynne Morgan


At the end of this course, you will learn the basic fundamentals of golf.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, students will gain insight into the:

  • History of the game
  • Game rules and etiquette
  • Definitions of various golf terms (Par, Birdie, Bogie, Eagle, Bunker, Tee Box, etc.) 
  • Types of golf clubs (driver, irons, and components of the club)
  • Techniques on posture, grip, and alignment
  • Techniques regarding chipping and putting
  • Techniques on the full swing and half swing
  • Fundamental guidelines of use and maintenance of golf equipment
  • Proper stretching exercises
  • Navigating a golf course
  • Booking a tee time
  • Scoring

Who should attend:

This course targets adults who have limited or no experience with the game of golf and want to learn the skills needed to enjoy playing a round of golf in a fun, friendly group atmosphere.  



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