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Ended Dec 12, 2023

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Full course description


Ybor City Campus

Performing Arts Building (YPAB)

1304 E. 11th Avenue

Tampa, FL 33605 

Room: YPAB 132

Days: Monday and Wednesday

Time: 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM

Dates: 08/21/23 - 12/12/23

Description:  Provides for participation with a select group of musicians who perform contemporary jazz and stage band music.  


  1. To perform at least two concerts per term as part of the grade for the course.
  2. The student will attend all rehearsals and performances.
  3. The student will know the principles of good technique and apply them at all times.
  4. The student will learn standard jazz tunes in various styles and from the different eras of jazz.
  5. The student will learn the melodic and harmonic structure of these tunes.
  6. The student will be able to improvise over the harmonic structure in the style of the era.
  7. The student will play his or her part with good tone, even tempo, dynamics and musical phrasing.
  8. The student will learn about the challenges inherent with performing in an ensemble. Such issues include, but are not limited to, listening to the other player's part and being sensitive to issues of balance, intonation, blend, and musical dialogue.

Required Text:  Real Book 6th edition (get the book that is germain to your instrument)  


  • Instrument
  • Music
  • Two Pencils
  • Personal/Professional Calendar

Instructor:  Ross Strauser - Music Instructor

Refund Policy:  Refunds, Cancellations & Substitutions

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