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Private Pilot Ground Course is a Course

Private Pilot Ground Course


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Description:  This course is for anyone that has ever had an interest in aviation, is interested in obtaining a Private Pilot certificate or is considering a career in aviation should take this course.  The Private Pilot Ground School course will take the student through the required sections of the Federal Aviation Regulations required for a Private Pilot License.  At the completion of the course, each student will receive an endorsement indicating that the student is qualified to take the FAA Private Pilot written exam.


Course topics include:

                Airplanes and Aerodynamics

                Airplane Engines, Instruments and Systems

                Airports, Air Traffic Control and Airspace

                Federal Aviation Regulations

                Airplane Performance and Weight and Balance

                Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making

                Aviation Weather    

                Aviation Weather Services 

                Navigation: Charts and Publications

                Navigation Systems

                Cross Country Flight Planning


Instructor:  As a pilot, Dave Harvey has been flying for more than 25 years and holds a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating.