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Learn Basic Sign Language is a Course

Learn Basic Sign Language


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Description:  Is there a Deaf or hearing impaired individual in your life? Are you interested in communicating in an engaging, visual language? American Sign Language is a full, natural, and visual language used by Deaf and hearing impaired people across the United States and Canada. Individuals with little to no background in American Sign Language will gain access to a new community through the acquisition of basic sign language. Throughout this course, you will learn conversational vocabulary, grammar structure, and will also gain a basic understanding of Deaf Culture.

At the end of this course, you will feel comfortable interacting with the Deaf using American Sign Language. You will be able to introduce yourself and carry out basic conversation using ASL vocabulary, including introductions, concepts of time, colors, family signs, emotions, and daily activities. You will also develop an understanding of ASL grammar and syntax, as well as other visual language structures, in order to build sentences and take part in simple conversations.

Instructor:  Amy Deeb is currently a student at the University of Florida, pursuing a Masters in Special Education. She has been signing for many years and became interested in Deaf Education soon after beginning to learn sign. In the last four years, Amy has volunteered as a classroom aide in Deaf Education classrooms in Pasco and Alachua County, and has traveled overseas to intern at schools for the Deaf in Cabaret, Haiti, and Indore, India. Amy is passionate about sign language and Deaf education, and is excited to bring this language to you in this course!