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• We’ll show you how to “speak the truth” to your coworkers in a way that doesn’t make them defensive or angry. Give your boss a hand and reap the rewards.

• Through the use of a three part analysis, you’ll learn how to set conversation goals, “untangle” your message (with our 4-part model: Facts, Interpretations, Reactions, and Ends) and measure your relationship in order to know how your coworker might respond.
Their argument was that in modern companies, subordinates are not solely dependent on their bosses, but that today's complexity requires interdependence: the boss needs her team as well.

• Armed with this analysis, you’ll be ready to choose a course of action detailed in two specific and scripted approaches to giving feedback tailored for negative and positive relationships.

• We’ll help you avoid conversation killers like blaming, pleading and the “compliment sandwich.” Finally, you will know what to say and in what order to tackle this very necessary and delicate conversation.

Instructor: Rhonda Hunter

Length: 56 minutes