Full course description

Instructor: Mary Strauss
Length: 1 hour

To really help your employees become Super Productive (i.e. stop wasting hours a day gossiping, updating their resume, checking their investments) you’ve got to get more focused, identify your top priorities, eliminate timewasters, make smarter decisions, distinguish between important and unimportant work, get rid of wasteful processes (including useless meetings), and help your employees move past blaming, excuses and paralyzing anxiety. Sound daunting?

  • We’ll show you how the new syndrome we call “Recession Rumination” can wreak havoc in your organization at the time when you need high productivity the most.
  • You’ll learn how to prioritize tasks using our “red light/green light” system.
  • Learn to ask your employees to become more productive and accountable (without them rolling their eyes) and how to make yourself more productive by eliminating “psychic tension” and by using tools such as Regression Analysis, Time Analysis and the Daily Huddle.