Full course description

Instructor: Tricia Garner
Length: 1 hour

Desctription: The scarcest resource a leader has is their time (not money or people or influence). Time. And it’s why the top frustrations of leaders are typically not having enough time, struggling to balance priorities, not being proactive enough and reacting to everyone else’s priorities, and spending too much time doing work that someone else should be doing.

  • Identify and eliminate the Top 10 timewasters that consume leaders’ time
  • Checklist for teaching employees how to clarify and complete work assignments so that you don’t have to waste time constantly checking-up on them after you delegate
  • Eliminate some of your misused time with a 3-part Meeting Achievement Checklist that makes every meeting 15 minutes shorter
  • The 1 question you need to ask yourself every morning that prioritizes and focuses your day (and ensures you don’t leave the office asking yourself “did I really get anything done today?”)
  • How to overcome the psychological barriers to delegating (including ego, doubt and competence) so you’ve got many more resources to share your workload
  • What Level of Freedom you should give each of your employees and how to save significant time that would normally be spent checking and double-checking their work
  • How to schedule your day (morning, afternoon, evening) for optimal productivity
  • How to use a Manager for a Day program to give yourself an extra set of hands (and also develop the future leader talent pool below you)