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Instructional Techniques: Incorporating Learning Styles into Classroom Instruction - Recorded Webinar

Time limit: 365 days


Full course description

Instructor: Josee Richmond
Length: 1 hour

General Description:

For training to produce a strong Return on Investment (ROI), the instructional methods used must be aligned with how humans learn.  Fortunately, humans have an enormous capacity for learning.  In order to facilitate the process of learning, it is essential to understand learner preferences and learning styles and then be able to incorporate that information into the training session. 

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this 1-hour webcast, participants should have the knowledge and skills to:

·        Explain the main features of working memory and long-term memory

·        Describe the seven categories of learning preferences identified through studies on Neurolinguistic  Programming

·        Identify ways to implement facilitation techniques that align with a learner’s preferences for receiving information

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