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10/26/2020- 12/16/2020 Java 8SE (OCAJ) Certification is a Course

10/26/2020- 12/16/2020 Java 8SE (OCAJ) Certification

Ended Dec 17, 2020

Spots remaining: 1

Full course description

Online Learning with a Real Live Instructor.
Join the online virtual classroom as easy as clicking a link. Look for an email notification from the Canvas Conference (Big Blue Button) or Zoom to attend the course.

E-book versions and/or handouts will be available for download.

Days:     Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Time:     6:00 pm - 10:00 pm 

Start Date:   October 26, 2020

End Date:     December 16, 2020

Instructor: Mark Aruda

Note:  Textbook or E-book version and/or handouts will be given to you by the instructor.

Description: Java SE 8 Certification is a course designed to prepare individuals for the Java SE 8 Programmer Exam. Even with competition from new languages, the demand for Java developers remains strong. In fact, Java is among the most in-demand programming languages on the job market. After taking this course and passing a Java certification like OCAJP or OCPJP, a beginner improves their chances of getting a job position in most companies.

General Topics: Object Oriented Programming, Basics of Java, Creating Java Classes, Using Data, Using Objects, Looping, Characters, Strings, StringBuilder, Arrays, File Input, File Output, Graphics, Applets, Images and Sound.

Target Audience:
By getting a Java certification you’re going to improve and update your knowledge of the Java language and it will also build your credibility and worth from other programmers who do not have this credential. Take this course whether you’re an experienced Java programmer or a beginner or you’re looking for your first job as a programmer, the Java Programmer certification will be a plus for your career.

Financial Assistance:  Need help paying for some or all of this course?

NOTE: Students who successfully attain the industry certification offered as a part of this course are eligible to articulate this certification for 3 credits towards the Java Programmer to Computer Programming and Analysis A.S. Degree  program at a Florida state college, based on the Florida Department of Education’s Gold Standard Career Pathways Agreement. For more information on the Florida Department of Education’s Gold Standard Industry Certification Articulation Agreements, please visit

For more information contact the IT Program Coordinator Liz Steacker at 813 259 6508 or email