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Computer basics 08/03/2020- 08/07/2020 Simplify Windows 10 & MS Office is a Course

08/03/2020- 08/07/2020 Simplify Windows 10 & MS Office

Aug 3 - Aug 7, 2020

Spots remaining: 10

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Online: Learning with a Real Live Instructor
Join the online virtual classroom as easy as clicking a link. Look for an email notification from the Canvas Conference (Big Blue Button) to attend the course.

E-book versions and/or handouts will be available for download.

Room:      Virtual online

Day(s):     Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Date(s):    08/3/20 - 08/7/20

Time(s): 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM

This online course will cover both Windows 10 and Microsoft Office with a LIVE instructor. An email notification from our Canvas Conference (Big Blue Button) will provide a link to join the instructor on the first day. This course will be broken down to easy to learn 2-hour sessions per day. Windows 10 is the most powerful operating system but it's also the most complex. The instructor will provide tips and tricks to simplify the complexities of Windows 10 features. The first portion will provide quick, easy-to-do set-ups to tweak the operating system into optimum shape for better performance, reliability, and overall experience. The second portion will introduce Microsoft 365 for Home and Office suite. Learn how MS Office has moved to the cloud with 365 for better collaborative features and safeguarding your files from data loss and more.

Topics: Introduction to Computers, Basic Terminology for Windows 10 Operating System, Hardware vs Software, Introduction to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & Power Point) and Basic Internet Search 

Who should attend? Office professionals, small business owners, first time users or non-experts interested in updating their skills for working remotely or at the Office.

Instructor: Mark Aruda