Full course description

Description: Adobe InDesign Level 2- Intermediate is a project based course that will help students acquire the skills necessary to produce professional InDeisgn projects for use in the workplace or in your personal life.  Through guided instruction and working in the Adobe Creative Cloud students will learn basic skills, such as Creating a Web Document, Creating a Children's Story, Working with Master Pages, Creating a Magazine Spread &  other designs and Understanding how to Generate an Interactive Web Document.

General Topics: Creative Design, Magazine Spread, Interactivity and a Final Project that combines the skills you have learned.

Prerequisites:  Although our Adobe InDesign Level 1-Beginner course is not required, it is highly recommended to ensure that your knowledge/experience is aligned with the level of this course.

Who should attend?  Anyone who wants to build on their existing knowledge of Adobe InDesign and create more professional documents.

Instructor: Carlos Barrantes