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FAEMSE Level A EMS Instructor Course is a Course

FAEMSE Level A EMS Instructor Course


$65 Enroll

Full course description

This is an online course.

At the end of this course the student will be able to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the EMS Instructor
  • Explain the importance of ethics in the educational and classroom environment
  • Define the components of the learning environment
  • Identify different learning styles of students
  • Identify the different domains of learning
  • State goals and objectives and the importance of writing goals and objectives
  • Explain and discuss the different presentation skills
  • Understand the different evaluation techniques used in the educational environment
  • Discuss the importance in motivating the learner
  • Identify methods of teaching psychomotor skills
  • Differentiate between affective and cognitive domains of learning
  • Demonstrate techniques of remediation during the practical exercises*
  • Understand the importance of cultural awareness and diversity in the classroom.
  • Demonstrate a practical teaching presentation*

Learning Objectives:

The course is designed as an online blended course. The student will be required to meet deadlines for online course completion. Additionally, the student must meet with the HCC EMS Programs Manager to schedule a date and time (approx... 2 hours) to complete the on campus portion of the course.

Level A Course Assignment:

Review the syllabus

Review the Power Point presentation(s) for each module

Imagine that you are a seasoned EMS instructor, choose any six modules from Modules 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15, 18, 21, 5, 17, 20 and create a “Discussion Question” that would be answered by someone just entering the EMS education field.

Imagine that you are a seasoned EMS Instructor, choose any six modules (not chosen in the above assignment) and write a minimum of 5 questions that would demonstrate an understanding of the key objectives for those modules. (When writing questions, include all questions and answers in a single “Word” document)

Provide a short answer to the 7 questions on Ethics in EMS Education.

Complete the “Practical Demonstration / Remediation” Assignment. To do this you must contact the HCC EMS Programs Manager at 813-253-7454 or via email  and schedule a date and time (approx.. 2 hours) to complete the on campus objectives. If currently teaching, this demonstration can take place in the actual classroom / lab setting. Have another EMS instructor complete the evaluation.

You are encouraged to visit the suggested websites found at the end of each Power point.

Complete the “Course Evaluation”

After completion of the course you MUST contact the HCC EMS Programs Manager, 813-253-7454 or via email to pick-up your “Certificate of Completion”

If, to participate in this course, you require accommodations due to a physical or learning impairment, you must contact the Office of Student Services to Students with Disabilities. The office is located in the Student Services Bldg., Room 208. You may also reach the office by phone, (813) 253-7031, TDD (813) 253-7035, or (813) 253-7336.