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Nurse Refresher (COMING SOON!) is a Course

Nurse Refresher (COMING SOON!)


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Full course description

COMING SOON! Add your name to the waiting list by enrolling in this course.  We will notify you when the next class is posted. 

Who should attend?  Anyone with a current Florida RN Licensure looking to get back into the nursing field. 

Course Description:

Learners will be re-introduced to nursing practice through a fast paced curriculum that allows the professional nurse to identify their role as a nurse returning to the work force or in need of review. The program uses current evidence based practice in conjunction with employing techniques that promote the spirit of inquiry. The focus of the course is set on developing areas of past and present expertise in the nursing field. 

The program uses a combination of self-study, classroom and clinical training in HCC's state-of-the-art Simulation Center.

The following is included in your registration fee:

  • Textbook
  • Clinical Experience in HCC's state-of-the-art Simulation Center

On completion of RN Refresher Course, the successful learner will be able to meet the following expectations while caring for adult clients experiencing complex, multi-system disruptions in health:

  1. Employ the nursing process to provide holistic, patient-centered care that reflects an understanding or pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical treatment, and nursing management across all healthcare settings.
  2. Apply pharmacology in nursing practice to include knowledge or dosages, administration guidelines, therapeutic effects, adverse effects, toxicity management and identifying/reporting adverse events.
  3. Employ safe medication administration practices as appropriate for the patient care setting.
  4. Use patient care technologies, information systems, and communication devices to deliver safe nursing care.
  5. Employ evidenced based practices to facilitate communication and collaboration (inter/intra-professional and therapeutic) to deliver safe patient care.
  6. Identify national, state, and local laws, regulations and standards that guide nursing practice and continuing education.
  7. Document nursing care that is reflective of the nursing process and current industry standards.
  8. Promote dignity, respect and privacy while providing nursing care for adult clients experiencing complex, multi-system disruptions in functional health patterns.
  9. Provide competent, professional nursing care to meet the diverse needs of adult clients experiencing    complex, multi-system disruptions in functional health patterns by practicing within relevant legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks and engaging in pertinent educational development.

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