Full course description

Program Description:

Psychomotor Skills Verification in Lieu of Repeat Full NREMT Psychomotor Exam is a program established by the Emergency Medical Services Program to assist the individual who has completed a course of study in EMT, according to the NREMT criteria, but whose one-year period of the validity of the psychomotor exam has lapsed. The individual will need to register for the skills verification by completing the online registration with payment. 

Upon successful completion of all skills testing, the training faculty will submit to the EMS office a NREMT official Psychomotor Examination Verification Form and the HCC EMS examination form. The EMS program manager will then submit to NREMT a copy of the skills verification form.

Program Process:

When a candidate for examination has completed the registration process, the student should contact the EMS office, Jamie Villalona  jvillalona@hccfl.edu  phone 813-253 7454.  Arrangements will be made between the candidate and the EMS Office to conduct the skills verification held on the 2nd Friday of each month.